Stress Based Poetry

How to Handle Stress

How to Handle Stress (4).jpgBy: Adrian Drower

So I talk to my parents,
Family, friend or cousin.
I tell them what’s on my mind,
No laughter, I feel better. 

They tell me they’re here for me,
All they want is to help me.
I can see relief in sight,
Soon my mind will be clear.  Continue reading “How to Handle Stress”

First Wave of Stress

First Wave of Stress (3).jpgBy: Adrian Drower

Head pounding like a base drum,
The mind like a tornado.
Feeling like trapped in a maze,
You’re wishing to calm your mind. 

You try yourself to calm down,
but nothing works; you get stressed.
You feel like you’re alone,
Your mind says, “Please make it stop”.  Continue reading “First Wave of Stress”


Stress (2).jpgBy: Adrian Drower

Do you feel like you can’t think?
Do you feel like you’re alone?
Do you feel like you will cry
because you can’t calm your mind? 

People ask if you’re all right,
You say yes, though you are not.
Your mind says stay by yourself,
Part of you wants to get help.  Continue reading “Stress”

What is Stress?

What Is Stress (1).jpgBy: Adrian Drower

Does it feel like your head hurts?
Do you feel uncomfortable?
Do you feel strange or weird?
Do you feel like you can’t think? 

Do you feel you’re out of place?
Almost like you don’t belong?
It’s possible you feel stressed,
Don’t panic, we’ve all been there.  Continue reading “What is Stress?”

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