December 2016

Forever Family

Pic.png(By: Adrian Drower)

Love, Family and pine trees,
Like our emotions, stay strong.
Love is where we all belong,
Family lasts Forever long.

There’s Caden, the Sensitive Writer,
He’s always willing to help.
Sweet, kind, thoughtful, great writer,
Creative, imaginative, protects, loving,
Loyal, respect, honest, big dreamer.
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A Tearful Truth

Poem.png(By: Adrian Drower)

What a great time it is,
To see two friends engaged.
For the two of you, it’s
A Tearful Truth

You’ve come far down the road,
Through thick and thin together.
You were made for each other,
That’s A Tearful Truth. Continue reading “A Tearful Truth”

Nature’s Window

Pic.png(By: Adrian Drower)

From birds that fly high in sky,
To the grounded animals.
Even ones in the water,
Nature is one big window.

From Nature’s Strength/ violence,
To Nature’s beauty, magic.
Watching from a Window or
being outside, you choose? Continue reading “Nature’s Window”

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