Thanks to one amazing brother, Ethan Drower, I officially have a Blog!

My name is Adrian Drower and I currently work at The Fine Line tile showroom in downtown Chicago.  I have two poems published in a book called A Room Of Golden Shells.  I enjoy writing, reading, helping my friends and family.  I also enjoy plays, musicals and listening to the oldies.  I can go as far back as the Swing Time era and I also listen to Beatles, Buddy Holly, Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra etc. I do enjoy rock& roll and some recent music as well.  I am even part of the National Association for Down Syndrome:

As of relatively recently, I have an unpaid internship with JJ’s List as a advice columnist.  On a regular basis, I answer questions about employment, people with disabilities or a combination of the two.  Feel free to ask me questions.  Both can be found at
The following is a link to the second one:

HeartWords is a writing group through the Center for Independent Futures (CIF).  Want to know more about CIF, here is the link: