August 2021

A Sunny Day

By: Adrian Drower

The sun is out; wind blowing,
fluffy white clouds set in sky.
The sun feels great on my skin
as the sail goes up- it’s time!

We all have sunscreen on now,
the family is ready.
The boat begins moving now,
Soon we will all be sailing. Continue reading “A Sunny Day”

A Quiet Day

By: Adrian Drower

My TV does not work today
my internet is down too.
Family and friends busy,
What is left for me to do?

I’ve got it!  I’ll ride my bike,
I’ll even pack my backpack.
I’ll pack some water bottles
and a few other items. Continue reading “A Quiet Day”

A Boring Day

By: Adrian Drower

Talk about bad luck today,
My internet is down and
I have lost all my power.
What am I going to do?

At least I had breakfast first,
and the weather is sunny.
I know, I’ll go for a walk
and I’ll also pick up lunch. Continue reading “A Boring Day”

A Snowy Day

By: Adrian Drower

I just got to the Brown Line,
Soft, white snow is falling down.
The first snow of the season,
This snow is so beautiful.

I make it safely to work,
In a few minutes I start.
As I get busy at work,
outside the snow keeps falling. Continue reading “A Snowy Day”

A Sleepy Day

By: Adrian Drower

Can you believe it’s this hot?
Ninety eight and it’s humid.
I do not like this weather,
It is way too hot for me.

I like it when it’s cooler,
No humidity for me.
On days when it is hot out,
I stay inside with the air. Continue reading “A Sleepy Day”

A Rainy Day

By: Adrian Drower

I opened my blinds today
and saw the ocean shattered.
Great, what can I do today?
So, what can I do inside?

I think I’ll start with breakfast,
so now I’ll make an omelette.
I’m good at cooking; baking,
Soon I’ll make lunch and dinner. Continue reading “A Rainy Day”

A Lazy Day

By: Adrian Drower

I do not have work today,
All my friends have things to do.
My family is busy,
All my projects are finished.

What am I going to do
on my first Lazy Day?
I think I’ll watch some TV
and maybe video game. Continue reading “A Lazy Day”

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