February 2017

Define Me No More

Define me No More.jpg
(By: Adrian Drower)

Define Me No More,
I define myself.
No one can label me,
No one puts a sign on me.

Define Me No More,
Anyone who tries.
Since I am just myself,
Only I can change myself.
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Me, Myself and I

15170818_10210853320799325_1420744762030716074_n.jpg(By: Adrian Drower)

I have Down Syndrome,
I am a patient person.
I am a working person,
I am a social person.

I am a good listener,
I am a good writer too.
I am caring and loving,
I’m one who loves family.
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The Picnic

The Picnic.jpg
(By: Adrian Drower)

One bright sunny day,
The birds are singing.
People are talking,
The grills are flaming.

One bright sunny day,
All the food is out.
Games are all about,
All the kids do shout.
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At Night

At Night.jpg
(By: Adrian Drower)

Look up there at the blackness,
The unknown glares back at you.
Silver glowing moon is shown.
The moon and stars in sight.
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The Mind

The Mind.png(By: Adrian Drower)

Wanting to begin,
Wanting to be me.
Wanting to fit in,
Wanting to be seen.

Driven to speak up,
Driven to be heard.
Driven to succeed,
Driven to survive.
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Speech Easy

Speech Easy.png

(By: Adrian Drower)

Public speaking as a kid,
Would never have happened.
Growing up I would say,
Speaking for five friends, no way!

Life goes on, speaking comes back,
I want to improve; I try…
Not bad, I’m glad it’s over.
I hoped that was it, no more.
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Do The Barry

Do The Barry.png(By: Adrian Drower)

Well, you’ve heard of the Mambo,
The Salsa and the Foxtrot.
Well, I know you have not heard,
Of the dance called The Barry.

It’s very catchy and sweet,
It’s a dance like no other.
It’s simple and it’s complex,
The rhythm- a unique way.
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A Valentine Defined

A Valentine Defined.png(By: Adrian Drower)

Single on Valentine’s Day?
A question that’s hard to say.
So I will define this day
as a universal love.

Couples have each other,
Married goes without saying.
What of those who are single?
I choose young cousins, family.
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Who is my Valentine?

Who is my Valentine.png

(By: Adrian Drower)

Who is my Valentine?
I can tell you who it’s not.
From a guy perspective,
I wish it were a woman.

Who is my Valentine?
A hard truth to say, no one.
It’s hard to be single,
Yes, on Valentine’s Day.
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