The Heat Of Heartbeat

heart-66888_960_720.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

Thump, thump. Thump, thump: the heart goes,
Everyday our love grows.
Babies born, we love them so,
Each day, we watch them grow. 

Thump, thump. Thump, thump: the heart goes,
It’s our families we love.
Each day our heartbeat goes on,
Always beating never stops.  Continue reading “The Heat Of Heartbeat”


Who Am I?

IMG_0480.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

I’m a writer,
I’m a reader.
I’m a patient person,
I’m a family person. 

I’m a joker,
I’m a worker.
I’m a lover,
I’m a dreamer.  Continue reading “Who Am I?”

Would You Say I’m Depressed?

Would you say I:m Depressed?.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

Would You Say I’m Depressed?
Let me talk about my life.
Here’s a dream I had last night: 

I walk to work in the rain,
I’m thinking about my life.
I see no personal life,
As if a part of me, gone.  Continue reading “Would You Say I’m Depressed?”

Blowing My Nose

Blowing My Nose.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

The seasons change… Ah, ah, CHOO!
The dust kicks up… Ah, ah, CHOO!
Crazy weather… Ah, ah, CHOO!
Someone pass the Kleenex box. 

The season spring is now here,
and the weather, annoying.
Is it spring or is it not?
Someone pass the Kleenex box.  Continue reading “Blowing My Nose”

Stage Fright

Stage Fright.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

Frozen fear shown in your eyes,
Ice-cold body; frozen stiff.
Fear of failure- next comes shame,
No one likes feeling this way. 

Maybe body starts to shake,
I know my stomach vibrates.
Does this mean I have Stage Fright?
Well, no. For me, I’m nervous.  Continue reading “Stage Fright”

Chasing Myself

Chasing Myself.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

When life doesn’t go your way,
You start to blame yourself.
In turn, you question your life,
What did I do that was wrong? 

When your love life falls apart…
Oh, let’s face it I have none.
I wish I had one though,
I guess I’m Chasing Myself.  Continue reading “Chasing Myself”

Chasing Demons

Chasing Demons.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

They’re haunting me every day,
Screaming at me “Change your ways”!
They start running; chasing me,
Demons won’t leave me alone. 

I try to hide- they find me,
All I can really do, run.
I wish they’d leave me alone…
Enough already! I’m done!  Continue reading “Chasing Demons”

Outer Space Personality

IMG_0365.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

You’re truly one of a kind,
You’re sweet like the Milky Way.
Your mind is bright like the stars,
Your heart as big as the moon-

You’re always willing to help,
A creative big dreamer.
We’ll always be family,
I love you and your brothers. Continue reading “Outer Space Personality”

My Heart

My Heart.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

What does your heart see?
Mine sees friends and family.
A non- existent love life
and a future in question.

What does your heart hear?
Mine hears music everywhere.
It also hears poetry
and a future in question. Continue reading “My Heart”

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