February 2018

The Ability in Disability

The Ability in  Disability 1.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

Actions speak louder than words,
Yet words are just as strong.
How do we know we belong?
How do we know we’re human? 

From the job hunting process,
Using your support network
and finding that job for you,
It’s all challenging to do.  Continue reading “The Ability in Disability”

Sometimes I’m Unlucky

(Look at the number on the door)Sometimes I'm Unlucky 1.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

There’s certain parts in my life,
That I am unlucky in-
Sometimes I feel unlucky,
When my life turns certain ways.  Continue reading “Sometimes I’m Unlucky”

I Am Lucky

I Am Lucky 1.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

There’s certain parts in my life,
That I’m very fortunate-
My family and my friends,
I am very lucky there. 

From all my supportive friends,
To cousins first and second-
Forever I am thankful,
for you being in my life.  Continue reading “I Am Lucky”

The Loss

The Loss 1.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

Negative thoughts come to mind,
I feel like I don’t belong.
My insides are turning blue
because I’ve lost my heart’s song. 

I give up; I’ll never win,
I’ll never find my true love.
I’ll never find a job,
Defeat; I’ll accept the loss.  Continue reading “The Loss”

The Win

The Win 1.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

Game! Set! Match! I guess we won,
Does that mean the game is done?
Do we know where we belong?
Or- has our life just begun? 

How do you know if you won?
Is it that you survive?
Is it finding a job?
Is it finding true love?  Continue reading “The Win”

The Game

The Game 1.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

A journey begins with life,
Life begins with adventure.
The start of all adventure,
It marks the start of The Game. 

Mistakes are made at the start,
Throughout each day of all life-
Regardless of who you are,
Everyone will make mistakes.  Continue reading “The Game”

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