January 2016

For Your Anniversary

For Your Anniverssary.jpg

(By: Adrian Drower)

A cheesy poem can be sweet,
Dinner made before, a treat.
As a kid, I might have said,
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.

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I’m Thanking Time

(Poem from HeartWords prompt)

(By: Adrian Drower)

I may not be a DJ, Chef, banker
or any of those listed.
I may not be famous or popular,
but I’m OK with that.

I may find joy in many things,
Music, family and writing to name a few.
I do believe clouds have a Silver Lining,
My new place coming, I see the ending light.

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Haunted Tile

il_570xN.843817491_okqy(By: Adrian Drower)

It haunts you every day, night,
Its looks lock your gaze upon it.
Transfixed by its appearance,
All Hallows Eve screams in your head.

In everything you say or write,
In everything you do throughout life,
This tile shows up without warning.
Like a door bell rung, nothing there.

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Fire in Tile

Fire in Tile.jpg(By: Adrian Drower)

Crystal ice gently falls down.
Frozen air makes polar bears envious.
Snow sparkles in light and dark, As
two people brave arctic weather.

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Tis’ The Tile Season

IMG_1128(By: Adrian Drower)

The air is cool,
The season fall.
Soon seasonal tile
will come to all.

A rainbow of colors,
A rainbow of shapes, designs.
An amazing collection
comes creeping along the vines.

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