December 2021

A Family Christmas

By: Adrian Drower

White snow is falling outside,
blanket of white covers ground.
In the street light, it shines bright,
that to me, a winter sight.

Then a peaceful Christmas Eve,
The snow still falling outside.
I enjoy a nice dinner
with my parents and brother. Continue reading “A Family Christmas”

Cheers! It’s New Years!

By: Adrian Drower

Raise a glass of anything,
time to bring in the New Year!
Wow, how fast has this year gone?
Your glass raised, Cheers everyone!

This year is close to ending,
a new year approaches soon.
Raise a glass of anything
to a new healthy New Year. Continue reading “Cheers! It’s New Years!”

A Snow Blanket

By: Adrian Drower

White fluffy crystals falling,
the soft white sits on branches.
Gently falling all around,
a painted picture of snow.

A slight wind causes wind chill,
heavy jackets and boots move.
Heading home from a long day,
heat will soon start to move in. Continue reading “A Snow Blanket”

A Warming Winter

By: Adrian Drower

The snow outside; beautiful,
falling down and on the ground.
You feel warm when with your friends,
when with family as well.

Other times nature is warm,
in the sixties in the fall.
Then there’s no snow on Christmas,
I wish Christmas would have snow. Continue reading “A Warming Winter”

Swirling Snow

By: Adrian Drower

Snow is flying all around,
snow even covers the ground.
Soft and white; creates a sight
during bright day and dark night.

Crystal Chaos is outside,
no amount of grass can hide.
We can see a snow ballet
as the Swirling Snow comes down. Continue reading “Swirling Snow”

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo… Tile!

By: Adrian Drower

It’s elegant and classy,
A simple colored background.
A slightly wild design,
gives way to a classic tile.

The ball is waiting for you,
get dressed, head out and you’re there.
The dance floor looks amazing,
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! Continue reading “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo… Tile!”

Just Have to Love

By: Adrian Drower

When your friends show that they care,
the laughter you always share,
through tears that you always share,
you know you Just Have to Love.

Your family shows they care,
throughout all of your life.
Through the happy and the tears,
you know you Just Have to Love. Continue reading “Just Have to Love”

Just Have to Cry

By: Adrian Drower

Sadness is a part of life,
getting hurt is a part too.
Loss of all kinds; part of life,
sometimes you Just Have to Cry.

Heartbreak is a part of life,
getting embarrassed as well.
Feeling alone of depressed;
sometimes you Just Have to Cry. Continue reading “Just Have to Cry”

Just Have to Smile

By: Adrian Drower

My family makes me smile.
My second cousins as well.
My friends also make me smile,
therefore, I will always smile.

When many things go my way,
when I’m having a great day.
Happy feelings start to sing,
My mind and heart shine like bling. Continue reading “Just Have to Smile”

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