November 2021

The Air We Breathe

By: Adrian Drower

Everyone breathes the same air,
So why do we pollute it?
Too many kinds of bad smoke
exist.  How can we change that?

Everyone breathes the same air,
even though there’s a virus.
Many people don’t listen…
Actions Have Consequences! Continue reading “The Air We Breathe”

The Strength We Have

By: Adrian Drower

So tell me, how strong are you?
Don’t just tell me what you lift.
I want to know more, much more;
I want to get to know you.

We’ve been friends for a long time,
One stupid mistake… we’re done.
How will we get through this now?
That lies with The Strength We Have. Continue reading “The Strength We Have”

The Masks We Wear

By: Adrian Drower

All humans wear many masks,
Emotions hidden by masks.
Our personal life hidden,
Our professional lives too.

Why do we wear all these masks?
They’re used to protect ourselves.
They shield us from the hurt
that comes in its many forms. Continue reading “The Masks We Wear”

The Five Elements

By: Adrian Drower

Earth: is the ground we stand on.
The real people in our lives.
It’s a natural based health. 
It’s the first leg of balance.

Air: the freedom to just breathe.
It’s the patience we all need.
It’s movement at its finest.
It’s baby’s first breath of life.
Continue reading “The Five Elements”

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