March 2020

Good Night Apartment

By: Adrian Drower

It’s 11:45 at night, man it’s late.
I’ve spent all day moving in.
This is going to be great!
I have my own apartment!

I turn off my computer,
Good Night technology.
I make sure my blinds are closed,
Good Night outside world. Continue reading “Good Night Apartment”

Song of My Life

By: Adrian Drower

Each morning, I’m hearing Jazz,
Through the day it’s Rock and Roll.
Come day’s end, I hear Smooth Jazz,
My day if full of music.

That music taste I’ve passed on,
A second cousin loves it.
Now we both have a wide range,
A gift that keeps on giving. Continue reading “Song of My Life”

The Fog at Night

By: Adrian Drower

A quiet and peaceful night,
Green grass among tall trees.
Benches set in dim street lights,
As a breeze blows falling leaves.

A light gray fades into sight,
This screen enhances the night.
You can feel an eerie vibe,
despite feeling of safety. Continue reading “The Fog at Night”

Can’t Go Wrong Feeling Strong

By: Adrian Drower

It feels good to lift those weights,
Your mind, heart and body speak.
They say when you are tired,
They say when you’re feeling strong.

It feels good to lift your head,
To be proud of who you are.
Your mind, heart and body speak,
Are you stressed, happy or sad? Continue reading “Can’t Go Wrong Feeling Strong”

Falling Leaves

By: Adrian Drower

Over the years time just flies,
Dancing like leaves in the skies.
Sometimes the breeze will just stop-
and you’ll see the leaves just drop.

In life, people come and go,
On their path- we help them grow.
Their fate lies within their hands,
As we help survive the lands.
Continue reading “Falling Leaves”

Climb So High

By: Adrian Drower

I see the ladder of life,
Should I climb, stay or drop down?
That choice is mine to make,
but I don’t know what to do.

I think I’ll start to climb up,
Let’s find out what will happen.
Success comes my way, feels good,
I must now keep on climbing. Continue reading “Climb So High”

Love’s Insanity

By: Adrian Drower

What says that you are in love?
Is it a feeling you feel?
Or, is it just how you act?
I don’t know, I’m not there yet.

When you are together,
How do you stay together?
Is it something that will bind?
Love must have intertwined.  Continue reading “Love’s Insanity”

The Only One

By: Adrian Drower

It’s hard to pick one person
to say they’re The Only One.
If you’re single, it’s hard too.
Give up or try are your thoughts.

What does it mean to say that
someone is The Only One?
It’s not happened yet for me,
So I just can’t define it. Continue reading “The Only One”

Simply Serene

By: Adrian Drower

Summer weather on a beach,
Waves are crashing in rhythm.
Sun warms your skin, wear sunscreen,
A scene that’s Simply Serene.

I see swirling white fall,
Blankets the ground, pillow soft.
There’s fluffy white in our sight,
A scene that’s Simply Serene. Continue reading “Simply Serene”

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