April 2016

I Am Human

10399487_1175544799046_7453286_n.jpg(By: Adrian Drower)

I wish I could change the past.
Add new, remove old, I wish.
Choices, actions needed change,
Making mistakes makes us Human.

Neutral, calming colors, all shapes,
Like hallways, we have many doors.
Winter, wolf, all plants no ivy,
That’s what I like; makes me, me. Continue reading “I Am Human”

Up In Lights

Poem Pic.jpg(By: Adrian Drower)

A midnight sky, black beauty,
Alone like wolf, watching sky.
From silence comes explosive,
From one heart, two, Up In Lights.

Continue reading “Up In Lights”

The Scott Effect

IMG_7521.jpg(By: Adrian Drower)

You’ve heard of the Lake effect,
Even the cause and effect.
Yet one effect is unique,
It’s called… The Scott Effect. Continue reading “The Scott Effect”

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