May 2020

The Lockdown Hoedown

By: Adrian Drower

It feels like a lock down,
I got news, you’re not alone.
We all wish life would return,
Even I wish it would come back.

Until such a time; let’s dance!
Grab a computer, it’s time.
It’s time to focus on us,
Let’s make some life improvements. Continue reading “The Lockdown Hoedown”

Living in Fear

By: Adrian Drower

Afraid to leave home each day,
Afraid of what may happen.
Wanting it to be over,
Wishing life would return.

Starting to get paranoid,
Safety is now the extreme.
The new life is hard to live,
Hard to be Living in Fear. Continue reading “Living in Fear”

Flying off the Shelves

By: Adrian Drower

Since when do items have wings?
Must be when people get scared.
When they get paranoid; yikes!
Items will fly off the shelves.

When the virus hit; look out,
A paranoid ocean struck.
It’s hard for stores to keep up,
Items will fly off the shelves. Continue reading “Flying off the Shelves”

Missing You Always

By: Adrian Drower

Since the virus- we feel trapped,
Our lives have to be on hold.
We have not seen family,
friends or co- workers as well.

To the people in our lives,
We are Missing You Always.
We want this to be over,
We want our lives back on track. Continue reading “Missing You Always”

The Speed of Change

By: Adrian Drower

It’s like lighting from a gun
or like a turtle walking,
Change has a unique rhythm,
it also has its own speed.

From the moving of the land
to the changing of the law.
Proves that life; in constant change.
We should change with time as well. Continue reading “The Speed of Change”

Window Reflections

By: Adrian Drower

As I look out the window,
I wonder about my life.
What will my future look like?
How will I look to myself?

As I look out the window,
I wonder about myself.
Will I be physically fit?
I hope I’ll find a love life. Continue reading “Window Reflections”

Magic Music

By: Adrian Drower

What songs help you stay relaxed?
Music can help calm the nerves.
High school first day- it can help,
many other times as well.

What music motivates you?
Helping you to get things done.
Maybe helps you stay on track,
Music to help you focus. Continue reading “Magic Music”

Snow Storm

By: Adrian Drower

Covered with many layers,
Walking the snowy desert.
Still feeling a slight freeze breeze,
Just made it home to safety.

Cue the falling fluffy ice,
Constantly falling non stop.
Then the wind chill starts to howl,
Throwing the subzero ice. Continue reading “Snow Storm”

The Endless Fight

By: Adrian Drower

When you learn about your health,
You learn that it never ends.
You always have to be good
and sometimes you don’t have to.

You learn about working out,
Running, lifting weights and more.
You learn that it never ends,
You learn you don’t want it to. Continue reading “The Endless Fight”

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