September 2015

The Fall Comes First

falling-up-sxc-1024421594(By: Adrian Drower)

You never know
unless you try,
The Fall Comes First
before you fly.

Grounded is the baby bird,
Jumping stumbles sometimes falls.
With time and many practice runs,
Wings wide open, skips… First flight!

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Musical Freedom

freedom_by_dominiksk-d4a6t4l(By: Adrian Drower)

I’m standing in night’s spotlight,
Grass softly waves like our flag.
Dancing barefoot in the fields,
Alone on the land- Freedom.

If I had a clock or watch,
I’d throw it across the lake.
I’ve said, “It’s alright mom, dad,
All I need is an hour”.

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Intentional Randomness

968361(By: Adrian Drower)

Eternity is eternity,
Pat not a saint.
A universe of friends,
Advise the heart, my fallen friend.

Shuffle the shamrock,
Friends from behind enemy lines.
It can be mad math,
Is Pat a saint?

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I Am Real

12011140_10207475489235647_7884301484166934891_n(By: Adrian Drower)

Colors I like: bright, calming.
Animals I like: dogs, wolves, eagles.
Foods I like: Italian, seafood.
Music I like: Oldies and Rock.

I have seen musicals and plays,
I am a fan of the arts.
I am a patient person,
I am one with Down syndrome.

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My Home State

pic(By: Adrian Drower)

I am from,
A place of much history,
There’s interesting info,
Just know where to look.

I am from,
A place that has adventure,
Activities everywhere,
Just know where to look.

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pic(By: Adrian Drower)

A land of much history,
A land of tall skyscrapers.
A land of crazy driving,
A land of colored night-lights.

A land of wonderful sights,
A land of music and plays.
A land of sports watched and played.
A land of high energy.

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Beauty of Northbrook, Illinois

pic(By: Adrian Drower)

Walking the golden path,
Within the promise land.
Colored plants and full-bloomed trees,
Throughout this peaceful place.

Laughing and playful kids,
Roaming their lush, green grass.
Fun and loving are their folks,
As they watch their kids dance.

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Wee Speak

pic(By: Adrian Drower)

We are here to help all,
We help improve speech.
What is our company?
We are… Wee Speech.

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The Wait

The Wait.jpg(By: Adrian Drower)

People everywhere have to stop; wait.
That action is a part of life.
People with loads of patience
are more relaxed; can wait longer.

Green, yellow, red lights,
Votes for the next president,
Or simply standing in line,
It’s our choice we should wait.
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