November 2017

Like A Brother

Like A Brother.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

Though you are not related,
To me, you are family.
You are a good friend Steven,
To me, you’re Like A Brother. 

Though you are not related,
To me, you are family.
You are a good friend Nick B,
To me, you’re Like A Brother.  Continue reading “Like A Brother”

When I Think

sunset-485016_960_720.pngBy: Adrian Drower

When I Think of love:
Patience, trust, communicate-
When I think of love:
I think of pets and family.

When I Think of dance:
I’m not much of a dancer.
When I think of dance:
I think I may need help there. Continue reading “When I Think”

A Timeless Mirror

A Timeless Mirror.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

A broken mirror reminds
people of society.
It takes thousands of people
to repair the damage done. 

Over the years, it gets fixed,
A slow process, time will tell.
The end result is in sight,
It’s done! People can reflect.  Continue reading “A Timeless Mirror”

A Hidden Love

A Hidden Love.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

Hidden somewhere in the world,
An emotion I can’t find.
I have no experience,
Yet sometimes love on my mind. 

Seen in everything I see,
Heard in everything I hear.
Love is everywhere; nowhere,
It must be a hidden love.  Continue reading “A Hidden Love”

I’m Just Thinking

I'm Just Thinking.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

Temptation I fight against,
The battle of weight constant.
Sometimes I don’t want to win,
It’s a challenge to lose weight. 

Hard for all, including me,
Sometimes, just want to relax.
Though, I know- I must press on,
Motivation is the key.  Continue reading “I’m Just Thinking”

I Am Thankful

I Am Thankful.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

I Am Thankful,
For my family and friends.
First and second cousins too,
They help make me who I am. 

I Am Thankful,
For being myself-
A writer and listener,
I’m also helpful; thoughtful.  Continue reading “I Am Thankful”

The Family Heart

The Family Heart.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

My parents and my brother,
My cousins; first and second-
There’s my aunts and uncles
My dad’s dad, last one alive. 

Parents raised me from the start,
My brother is very smart.
First cousins, I have many,
Three: second cousins, so sweet.  Continue reading “The Family Heart”

Nature’s Five Senses

Nature's Five Senses.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

Spring comes knocking on my door,
Rain is falling on my roof.
Plants, trees, flowers start to bud,
So sight is spring’s sense. 

Summer’s knocking on my door,
Each grill is hot and cooking.
Street festivals are out now,
So taste is the summer sense.  Continue reading “Nature’s Five Senses”

The Dream

The Dream.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

How lucky you are,
To have found Mr. Right-
Soon begins your life,
You will be living The Dream. 

Some people are unlucky,
It’s too bad I’m one of them.
You just hit the jackpot,
Even though love is priceless.  Continue reading “The Dream”

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