May 2016

Music Of Mom’s

Music Of Mom's.jpg

(By: Adrian Drower)

Different beats and melodies,
Living in life’s masterpiece.
One note always stands out,
Behind every good kid… Mom.

A song, always a love song,
The tempo always varies.
Singing their songs for all,
Like the bright sun, shine on.
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It’s Your Path

Poem.jpg(By: Adrian Drower)

Think of life as one long road.
All paths you took, led to here.
Yeah, some things may have come up,
Yet, it all took you to here.

Choices and actions you’ve made,
Through family, school and more.
It all comes together here,
You have made it very far.
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Thought, Feeling… Action!

riskasanalytic-537x350.png(By: Adrian Drower)

New person or action shows up,
What ever the reason may be.
I find myself thinking often.
I’m streetwise; I can improvise.

Whether it’s good or not,
On my mind, always a thought.
A world made by me,
Thoughts first, feel finally act.
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