June 2017

Forever Brothers

Forever Brothers.jpg(By: Adrian Drower)

Our bond is like no other,
I love you; you’re my brother.
From the start until the end,
We are brothers; you’re my friend. 

Some brothers’ fight and some don’t,
Some encourage and some won’t.
We are different from others,
We’re similar, but different. Continue reading “Forever Brothers”

Forever Friends

Forever Friends.jpg(By: Adrian Drower)

An open book I can be,
When with you, I can be me.
You don’t see my challenges,
You see who I really am. 

Shadow thoughts, never spoken,
Some hidden behind closed doors.
You don’t pry, you understand,
Some personal thoughts are mine.  Continue reading “Forever Friends”

Wishing for a Wish

Wishing for a Wish.jpg(By: Adrian Drower)

Every night praying to God,
Every day, nothing works out.
Every night starting to cry,
Wishing something would work out. 

Open window I look out,
I look at the stars, eyes close.
“Where do I start?” I ask sky.
Person walking makes a wish.  Continue reading “Wishing for a Wish”

The Neighbor’s Wish

The Neighbor's Wish.jpg(By: Adrian Drower)

Tonight, like all other nights,
I’m wishing for the same thing.
I wish to find my true love,
So tonight I make that wish. 

I look out across the street,
My neighbor looks up as well.
Is my neighbor wishing too?
If so, what is the wish for?  Continue reading “The Neighbor’s Wish”

Passion For One

Passion For One.jpg(By: Adrian Drower)

If you have Passion For One,
Does that mean you have no one?
Does that mean your life is done?
Do you feel like a dead end?  Continue reading “Passion For One”

A Dance of Fire

A Dance of Fire.jpg(By: Adrian Drower)

He asks, “May I have this dance?”
His hand out, she accepts it.
The words that ignite the flame,
Burning passion takes over. 

Fire comes forth as each step made,
Fire sweating, desire shows.
Each move made shows devotion,
A Dance of Fire shows they care.  Continue reading “A Dance of Fire”

Sailing Ahoy!

Saiiling Ahoy!.jpg(By: Adrian Drower)

Grab a boat and life jacket,
Head on down to the harbor.
Ocean or lake; say ahoy,
Strong wind blows, good day to sail.  Continue reading “Sailing Ahoy!”

A Tropical Tile Getaway

A Tropical Tile Getaway.jpg(By: Adrian Drower)

From the sounds of a jungle,
to the sounds of the ocean,
and all the colors you see,
You can tell of its beauty. 

The outside now in your home,
On the floor, wall or ceiling.
A Tropical Getaway,
Now can be seen in your tile.  Continue reading “A Tropical Tile Getaway”

Outer Space Design

Outer Space Design.jpg(By: Adrian Drower)

Designs complex and simple,
Many colors collide here.
Brighten or darken a room,
With designs out of this world. 

There’s a galactic surprise,
For the space ship that docs here.
The vast unknown is shown here,
Beyond sky seen by our eyes.  Continue reading “Outer Space Design”

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