November 2019

We Have Memories

By: Adrian Drower

You’re Gone, but Not Forgotten,
Thank you, We Have Memories.
It is hard to say good-bye,
See you on the other side.

I may not believe in it,
You did, that’s enough for me.
You were truly amazing,
You are truly amazing.
Continue reading “We Have Memories”

Energy Conjuring

By: Adrian Drower

I call forth through space and time,
energy that I call mine.
A helping power I call,
at the time of a great fall.

Build me up and make me strong,
A strength that lasts ever long.
Come to me and help me through,
help the grey skies turn to blue. Continue reading “Energy Conjuring”

Wonderfully Washing Waves

By: Adrian Drower

I see a blanket and chairs,
An umbrella in the sand.
There’s a cooler and some drinks,
I see sunscreen and towels.

My body feels the sun’s heat,
I hear kids splashing around.
I open the book I brought,
A volleyball rolls in sight. Continue reading “Wonderfully Washing Waves”

The Harmonious Harmonica

By: Adrian Drower

A melody and a tune
and the sound of harmony.
The lyrics are in your head
and there’s a song in your heart.

Now you hear a catchy beat,
There’s sweet music in your ears.
You feel music in your feet,
your body begins to rock. Continue reading “The Harmonious Harmonica”

The Duo Differences

By: Adrian Drower

One person is outgoing,
Confident and always tries.
Always ready for action,
They can always improvise.

The other is shy; reserved,
Not so confident in self.
They prefer to be alone,
They hold onto some close friends. Continue reading “The Duo Differences”

That Old Black Magic Tile

By: Adrian Drower

From the sunlight by day
to the blackness of night,
A call from the calming bay,
Heeds to the starry night.

On eagle’s wings it glides,
The whales below dance.
At night the wolf takes her strides,
While deer in the forest prance. Continue reading “That Old Black Magic Tile”

Fear Doesn’t Back Down

By: Adrian Drower

An emotion we all face,
An emotion we all have,
An emotion we all deal with
in multiple different ways.

It’s in our everyday life,
No easy way around it.
Do we have to face our fears
or is there another way? Continue reading “Fear Doesn’t Back Down”

Digital Personality

By: Adrian Drower

The game playing kid we love,
You’re the adventurous type.
The fun, loving kid we love,
You’re the life of the party.

I have two questions for you,
Ever tired digital art?
It’s art on the computer,
You would be so great at it. Continue reading “Digital Personality”

Artistic Personality

By: Adrian Drower

The creative side is strong,
Passion will last forever.
The artistic side is strong,
Family lasts forever.

You’re talented with the arts,
A creative mind as well.
You’re a loving person too,
Caring for brothers- others. Continue reading “Artistic Personality”

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