March 2018

The Spark

new-years-eve-1283521_960_720.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

What sparks a creative thought
in a person’s mind?
What will inspire them?
What will inspire you? 

Who sparks a creative thought
in a person’s mind?
Who will inspire them?
Who will inspire you?  Continue reading “The Spark”

Life Ain’t Easy

chaos-3098693_960_720.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

Going through life fighting weight,
To motivate can be hard.
Watching food and working out,
Challenging for all… and me. 

Going through life fighting self,
Your mind sometimes not your own.
Your stress, change and the future,
for some it’s hard… just like me.  Continue reading “Life Ain’t Easy”


Honesty.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

I’m looking in a mirror,
Since I know it tells the truth.
Though I want to hide from it,
The truth will always find me. 

I see weight I want to lose,
I know what I have to do.
Cut back on certain foods and
work out more, I know not easy.
Continue reading “Honesty”


skills-3260624_960_720.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

How do you define Success?
It depends on the person.
How do I define Success?
Well, that depends on me.

I have my own apartment,
I have poetry published.
I have my own writing blog,
The job I had is great! Continue reading “Success”

The Friendship

The Friendship.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

There’s no fear of being judged,
Trust should always work both ways.
Some feelings of empathy,
Always free to be yourself. 

Faith should be in all friendships,
Both should have some self- control.
Patience is important here,
Sometimes help to face your fear.  Continue reading “The Friendship”

From Heart to Heart

from heart to heart.jpgBy: Adrian Drower

Words of praise are full of love,
Words of love are full of praise.
Are they the same or different?
What is love? Or -What is Praise? 

A heart that’s true- Barry,
A heart full of love- Barry.
A person whose missed by all,
We wish him the best, always.  Continue reading “From Heart to Heart”

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