August 2015

Pausing The Waves of Relaxation

Pausing the Waves of Relaxation .jpg(By: Adrian Drower)

Waves of ocean’s
Hear my cries.
Pause the seas,
Pause the skies.

Keep me calm
Keep me cool,
To everyone else
it shall fool.
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Let The Words Flow

Let the Words Flow.jpg(By: Adrian Drower)

Watch as the ocean waves crash,
Horizon, ocean meets sky.
The hammock sways in the breeze,
Words have a unique rhythm.

The time line shows past, future,
Energize the clock, tick tock.
Time walks, runs, can sometimes stop,
Words have a unique rhythm.
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The Strength of the Pen

The Strength of the Pen.png(By: Adrian Drower)

The call of my heart
hear this rhyme.
I call forth love
through space and time.

Though loves pen-
Writes stronger than light,
All heart’s candles
burning more bright.
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A List

A List.png(By: Adrian Drower)

  1. What we can discover,
  2. Lessons learned from others.
  3. Ways to balance our life,
  4. What we learn from others.

Discover mysteries, unknown,
Learned lessons come from anyone.
Balancing life, organize and clean,
Learned about us: skills, talents, thoughts.
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Let’s Make A List

Let's Make a List.jpg(By: Adrian Drower)

Let’s Make A List,
Of what we can discover.
Let’s Make A List,
Of lessons learned from others.

Let’s Make A List,
Of ways to balance our life.
Let’s Make A List,
Of what we learn about us.
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A World of Colors

pic(By: Adrian Drower)

Looking through a rainbow,
Watching people live.
View their true colors-
Colored is our world.
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Growing Like A Gifted Flower

pic(By: Adrian Drower)

From seed to leaf,
From stem to bloom,
Anyone can grow
Like a gifted flower.

Find the dirt you like
then plant your seed.
Find the job you enjoy,
Then grow from there.
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Constant Change

Constant Change.png(By: Adrian Drower)

Day in through day out,
Night in through night out.
From sun rise to set,
Life is in… Constant Change.
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Changing Future

pic(By: Adrian Drower)

The future brings many questions:
Where will I be?
What will I do?
What will happen?

Other questions such as:
Will I get a mate? Or
Will I get a job?
Are also asked, many more too.
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