March 2021

Summer’s Street Party

By: Adrian Drower

The cars are blocking the street,
Music playing, what a beat!
There is much fun in the sun,
For kids, adults; everyone.

The sun is shining so bright,
The kids are smiling, what a sight.
They’re laughing and having fun,
Living and enjoying life. Continue reading “Summer’s Street Party”

The Great Wall of Stone

By: Adrian Drower

No need to leave the country
if you want to see this wall.
The Fine Line is the home of
The Great Wall of Stone.

Multiple colors are shown,
The rainbow moves many ways.
Take your pick; shine or no shine?
There’s high class stone on this wall. Continue reading “The Great Wall of Stone”

Birds of a Tile; Their Nest

By: Adrian Drower

It’s messy yet attractive,
Everything is in its place.
Everything there is simple,
None of it is in your face.

Always clean for company,
Colorful in many shades.
You can see there’s sticks and stones,
Porcelain, brick or concrete. Continue reading “Birds of a Tile; Their Nest”

House of Black and Gold Tile

By: Adrian Drower

A prison that has gold bars,
Trapping us with its beauty.
It is a simple design,
Upper class meets middle class.

A wall or walls in black and gold,
Don’t get confused with black mold.
Should look good in any home,
Time to see it, time to roam. Continue reading “House of Black and Gold Tile”

Tile Maze by Dark Sky

By: Adrian Drower

Midnight madness coming back,
A reflection of starlight.
Using stars; navigation.
Where are we? I think we’re lost.

We’re lost in the dark of night,
The stars above, a great sight.
Our freedom now can take flight,
because nothing ties us down. Continue reading “Tile Maze by Dark Sky”

Aging in a New Age

By: Adrian Drower

Can you believe what’s happened?
We’re living in a new age.
A virus entered our lives,
Birthday parties now on hold.

Despite parties, we sill age,
How do we celebrate now?
We cook, we bake and we love,
Not the best age for aging. Continue reading “Aging in a New Age”

The Word With Power

By: Adrian Drower

There are many words with strength
and many words with power.
I’m talking about one word,
This word can be mistreated. 

This word is easy to lose,
once lost, it is hard to gain.
It is hard to live without,
It is hard to work without. Continue reading “The Word With Power”

Will Always Be Loved

By: Adrian Drower

All parents say to their kids,
We will always love you.
All kids in the world know
that they Will Always Be Loved.

All brothers and sisters say
I will always love you.
Though they may argue or tease,
they Will Always Be Loved. Continue reading “Will Always Be Loved”

Will I Be Remembered?

By: Adrian Drower

Hard to think about the end,
I try to avoid that talk.
I’m still young; there’s no worries,
so I’ll live in the moment.

One question comes to my mind,
Will I Be Remembered?
That is the only question
that I think about the most. Continue reading “Will I Be Remembered?”

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