By: Adrian Drower

Over the years time just flies,
Dancing like leaves in the skies.
Sometimes the breeze will just stop-
and you’ll see the leaves just drop.

In life, people come and go,
On their path- we help them grow.
Their fate lies within their hands,
As we help survive the lands.

As the leaves continue to fall
our peoples’ passing comes to call.
As we cry, shown are our fears,
Through passing days we show our tears.

Memories to have and to hold,
Through the tough times and days of old.
Strength will come to help us along,
even though sad is our song.

Leaves are dancing through the street,
For them, are hearts will always beat.
I feel sad for the family’s loss,
for the Falling Leaves shows-

each face- with a gloss.

(Dedicated to my dad’s dad)