By: Adrian Drower

So tell me, how strong are you?
Don’t just tell me what you lift.
I want to know more, much more;
I want to get to know you.

We’ve been friends for a long time,
One stupid mistake… we’re done.
How will we get through this now?
That lies with The Strength We Have.
The Strength We Have takes many forms.
Shows through our actions and feelings.
Sometimes- we don’t know our own strength
and when it shows, it’s good or bad.

Tell me, what defines strength for you?
Is it just the muscles you have?
Is it just the strength of your heart
or is there more to it for you?

I know there’s more to it for me.
The strength I have comes every day.
We all have things we’re good at,
That is…

The Strength We Have