By: Adrian Drower

Midnight madness coming back,
A reflection of starlight.
Using stars; navigation.
Where are we? I think we’re lost.

We’re lost in the dark of night,
The stars above, a great sight.
Our freedom now can take flight,
because nothing ties us down.

Our eyes open, what do we see?
A dark tile maze in front of us.
The Fine Line asks, “Do we love it”?
That feeling we had… we say “yes”!

Midnight sings on our clock tonight,
A fire brightens that darkened maze.
Holding each other, we feel safe,
Our love, fire bright- will survive the night.

A Tile Maze by Dark Sky caught our eye.
It decorated our fireplace.
The fire burns bright like the stars,
Our minds run free as we say, “good night”.