By: Adrian Drower

Some stretching and a warm up,
I don’t want to hurt myself.
Now treadmill, slowly change speed.
Now I’m ready to begin.

I start with the bicep curls,
Low weight and I work on form.
Same with the tricep extend,
Slowly I will increase weight.

The more I do, the more I sweat
and the more water I drink.
Man I’m tired, I must keep going.
Plank, row, curl, pant, squat, lift and breathe.

A two hour workout… I’m done!
I check the scale and no movement.
Maybe I should watch what I eat,
it may help me to lose weight.

As I get older I wonder,
What will my future be like?
I workout and slowly lose weight,
that leads me to wonder…

Will my life Work Out?