Pic.png(By: Adrian Drower)

Love, Family and pine trees,
Like our emotions, stay strong.
Love is where we all belong,
Family lasts Forever long.

There’s Caden, the Sensitive Writer,
He’s always willing to help.
Sweet, kind, thoughtful, great writer,
Creative, imaginative, protects, loving,
Loyal, respect, honest, big dreamer.

There’s Owen, the Family Man,
Concerned for brothers, others.
Kind, helpful, thoughtful, loving,
Playful, honest, protects, loyal,
Respect, empathic, kid at heart.

There’s Tyson, the Kids Heart,
The heart that will never part.
Protects, loving, loyal, honest, kind,
A little bit wild child; joker, Big
dreamer, adventurous, curious, playful.

We all make a Family,
A love bond like no other.
We’re always there for each other,
We will be… Forever Family.