il_570xN.843817491_okqy(By: Adrian Drower)

It haunts you every day, night,
Its looks lock your gaze upon it.
Transfixed by its appearance,
All Hallows Eve screams in your head.

In everything you say or write,
In everything you do throughout life,
This tile shows up without warning.
Like a door bell rung, nothing there.

Dismissed as classic Ding Dong Ditch,
The next day, gone to work.
There’s a package on your desk,
Just your full name, no addresses.

Confused- scared, what could it be?
People gather, you start to open.
It’s that tile you saw, the receipt…
On the front: Worth 500 billion dollars.

The back: … STOLEN!
Written under it… I’m Watching You!
Lights go out!  You scream!
Looking back at the tile, it bleeds… BLOOD.