By: Adrian Drower

Can we really forget you?
That is so impossible.
Meeting you for the first time
was more than enough, you’re great.

I hope our paths cross again,
Thanks for being a great friend.
What a great sense of humor,
Will I Forget You?… Not!  It was great getting to know you,
We had many great times and laughs.
Good luck with everything you do,
You know I have to say it, woo hoo.

I can’t believe you are leaving,
but another chapter has begun.
Though you’re moving on with your life,
You will live on in The Fine Line hearts.

You will be missed by them and me,
I have to say this too, yip p.
I hope you have a wonderful life,
because The Fine Line and I…

Will never forget you.

(dedicated to a previous co- worker)