Simply Sleeping.jpg
(By: Adrian Drower)

My mind goes blank tonight,
I lie in bed try to sleep.
Toss, turn- my mind awakes,
Eyes closed, I start to dream.

I see my life unfold, I’m
the main guy in this story.
Living my life in my head,
Emotions of good, bad flood.

I see a girl, an outline,
Looks at me: smiles, fades away.
“Please come back”, I say, my
thought, where do I go from here?

Next I see my family,
Smiling big, they point at me.
I have lost a lot of weight, my
little cousins, they’re hugging me.

In my dream I start to smile,
Though sleeping, I smile too.
Life’s been good so far, yes
it could be better, for now…

I’m Simply Sleeping.