10534603_10204165077237416_4170837886833968508_n(By: Adrian Drower)

I Am a Color… Blue,
I Am a Shape… Heart.
I Am an Animal… New,
I Am a Movement… Swim.

I Am an Instrument… Baritone,
I Am part of… Protector.
I Am a Food… Pizza,
I Am a drink… Water.

Blue, is the skies color,
Heart, means love’s the ultimate power.
New Animal, wolf body, eagle wings,
Swimming, explore new places.

Baritone, mostly background noise,
Protector, super hero saves nature.
Pizza, I eat too much,
Water, clear image and relaxing.

I Am all the above,
As seen in real life.
This is me, don’t you see?
That is who… I Am.