Halloween's Haunting Hour.jpg(By: Adrian Drower)

The global clock goes tick tock, (tick tock 2X)
All the spooks go out to rock.
Through the air or on the ground,
Silence – a deafening sound.

Boo or ooh, ghosts say and float,
As if all they do is gloat.
Silently in the air,
Invisible – everywhere.

Far away, a car goes screech, (shout, “look out”!)
Sky so black it’s hard to reach.
Listen close, in the grass,
A snake hiss- I think I’ll pass.

Flying high, the witch cries out, (Ah ha, ha, ha)
While her friends fly all about.
A scream pierces the night… (Aah!)
(Muah, ha, ha) Dracula says then takes flight.

In the forest a bear growls, (grrr)
Frightened- we quicken our pace.
We look at out watch’s face, (Tick tock 2X)
For it’s Halloween’s – Haunting, Hour.